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I've been hit by a fax broadcaster! What are my options?

Under law, we cannot give you legal advice, nor can we encourage you to sue someone. See the Disclaimer.

#1: Save all your faxes!! They are worth up to $3,000 each (or even more depending on the # of violations)!! Sort them into piles by similar header style.  For each pile, identify your broadcaster(s) using the handy table How to identify the fax broadcaster. Most people will have been hit by the 3 top broadcasters listed there.

#2: you should join the Yahoo group depending on where you received the fax (or where your phone number is located if you have an efax number):

Those are announcement only lists and they send about 1 message a month.

Then you have several optional steps:

  • Wait for a case to be announced and join as a Plaintiff. There is very little time and no $ investment. Cases will be announced in October 2004 against all 3 major fax broadcasters.
  • If you are in California, and you've been hit by fax.com, you can sue right now. There are regular reports (see Junk fax case status) of people getting $2,500 for each fax.com fax in small claims court. See How to get $2,500 per junk fax (California only).

Note: calling the removal number generally will not make your problem worse because they already have your number. It probably won't help much either.

Lawsuits are being prepared both against broadcasters and individual fax advertisers who are collectible (e.g., such as the Twister Networks Winningstockpicks.net faxes). By joining the Yahoo group, you can get an announcement of these suits and decide whether you want to join in as a Plaintiff.

Even if you don't want to recover $ for your faxes, by joining in as a Plaintiff, you increase the damage award and thus increase the "negotiation leverage" of the other Plaintiffs to reach a "do not fax" or monetary settlement!!